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  • I’m doing more than educating on JUST taxes or JUST accounting or JUST bookkeeping.⁠
  • “Finances” or “financial” tends to be tied more so to individuals & personal financial situations.⁠


  • noun | absence of difficulty or effort
  • verb | make (something unpleasant, painful, or intense) less serious or severe.
  • E.A.S.E. happens to be an acronym of my brand values.⁠
  • A play on the suffix -ese in two ways.⁠
    • Often used for some languages and your numbers are the language of your business.⁠
    • Often used to denote terms or subjects that are hard to understand; such as, “legalese”.⁠




Core Values


Not a word you expect to be tied to a business focusing on the number-side of things, but this is part of why this is such an important value to me. Whenever you are dealing with anything related to numbers in your business, I want you to feel at ease, calm, relaxed, excited, joyful, and more. When you’re dealing with your financials,you aren’t intimidated, worried, or scared.


Not only do I want to take the subject-matter and make it approachable, easy-to-understand, and available for anyone to use, I want to make sure I am providing guidance, products, and courses that can be available for anyone. 

Safety & Security

You must have a space where you can show up fully as the wonderful, beautiful, inspiring individual that you are and be welcome, accepted, included, and respected while being your true self. I will not only create that space, but also foster an environment where you feel safe and comfortable discussing your financial fears, dreams, goals, worries, and more without ever feeling judged, looked down upon, or talked down to.


Being a business owner is a fast-track ticket to personal development. Wwe must be open to learning, growing, and connecting in new and exciting way that we never thought was possible.My priority is to support you in your seek for knowledge to understand your business, your life, your goals, your future, and to use that information to create an adventure of your own. Community is essential to me and I believe we should all join together, lift each other up when they are down, and celebrate alongside each other’s successes. 

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