The number-side of your business can be a very stressful area to work in. You know it’s important to review and utilize the data, but it is the cause of unease, overwhelm, and confusion.

Most business owners need more assistance in the first few years of business but are unable to afford to outsource so they end up being left to fend for themselves.

This challenge on and understand the value of obtaining the guidance necessary to take on this area of your business.

I have created accessible resources to guide you on your journey.

  • Easy-to-understand, to-the-point resources
  • A complete solution that meets outlined learning objectives
  • Reviewed by an experienced instructional designer

I’m invested in you because you invested in yourself and me.

Battle Plan Bundle

Use the Battle Plan Bundle to understand the impact of your decisions and feel confident with your business so you can step into your CEO role.

Obtain your business’s “starter pack” with the Battle Plan Bundle.

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Conquer Quarterly Taxes

he course for US-based business owners who want to understand quarterly taxes without stress and fear.

After Conquer Quarterly Taxes, you will…

  • Determine whether you need to pay quarterly
  • Calculate the amount to pay in
  • Reduce the likelihood you’ll pay penalties  

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Quarterly Tax Calculations

Obtain spreadsheets to help you calculate your quarterly taxes. They are designed for those who feel confident in handling their quarterly taxes, just need some help with the calculations.

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Included in the Conquer Quarterly Taxes course

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