harley raptor

virtual cpa, numbery, nerdery, witchery, she/her

Joining the ranks of one of the largest accounting legions in America, I set out on a quest to bring hope, knowledge, and financial reckoning to those in need. I entered battle armed with a Master’s in Accountancy, CPA license, and the determination to demystify the regulations. However, I soon realized that we were not fighting on the side of the common people. Thus, after grinding to get the experience, I set out to start my own accounting war-band in order to follow my true passion: helping people like you.

My war-band is comprised of myself and my amazing 13 year-old daughter, V.  Together, we live in the state of Oklahoma, the land of tornadoes, bison, and excellent BBQ. During times of peace, we enjoy playing table-top and video games, watching movies, reading books, and going on adventures together.




My personality

Fun Facts

  • Future town founder who lives in a castle on the edge of town
  • Always beat the Google Maps estimated arrival time
  • Birthday cake is my favorite flavor of everything
  • Can’t live without potatoes and pie
  • Makes up for introversion online
  • Owns over 110 board games (dabbles in board game development)
  • Rainbow sprinkles are life

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